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Many financial firms make money complicated.  At Wozny Capital Advisors, we decided to start from scratch. We took nearly 30 years of financial services experience, partnered with industry powerhouses, and built from the ground up. We leverage advanced tools which allow us to provide you concierge quality financial planning, estate planning, tax planning, and investment management services. We deliver these services to you in a plain spoken way that makes money way less complicated, and with management fees that take into account the deflationary impacts of technology. And, yes, we are fiduciaries - obligated to act in your best interest.


Our Services

Wozny Capital Advisors provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. We are fiduciaries which means that we don't sell product, and we are obligated to act in your best interest. The advice you receive is tailored to your individual situation, and we make complicated things easy.

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Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than just a retirement projection. It involves looking at the entirety of your situation. We review your goals, but also your savings, investments, company benefits, taxes, insurance, and debt structure. As your life changes, your plans need to keep up. We can help you make sure you're  on track.

Investment Management

Your situation is unique. Your portfolio should be as well. Why force fit yourself into a standard portfolio model that may not work for your particular situation. We review your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and other factors to design a portfolio that is efficient and tailored to your unique situation.

Tax Planning

It's never been more important to make sure that you are managing your financial plan with an eye on the tax code. We review your individual situation with your tax return to help provide guidance on income distribution strategies, charitable giving, Roth IRA conversion, and portfolio rebalancing.

Estate Planning

It's something that none of us wants to do; plan for what comes after. Yet, it's something that you know you need to do, and we can make it simple. For far too long estate planning has been burdensome and complicated. We can help you easily put together a plan and if necessary, refer you to an attorney to get your documents in place.


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